Marilyn Monroe and Man’s Primordial Religious Practice: Surrender to the Wild Feminine

Dear Yogini Marilyn,

Power and vulnerability of the wild feminine that man had no idea what to do with. It finally destroyed her bodily existence.

I visited her grave to pay respects. In fear of death man attempts to create eternity and glory for himself through religious institution, property, rape of Mother Earth and control of women. He does not come to peace with bodily existence or participate peacefully in the mystery power of the body or its passing. He therefore does not surrender to the Earth and the great powers of the Earth, the sublime regenerative force that is 100% given and constant. He does not surrender or support the wild feminine.

She is enjoyed through the great nurturing polarity of male female union within and without and is everyone’s birthright. This is the primordial religious practice before man invented doctrine that dissociated him from the feminine.

Man has not yet been taught to access this power of his own reality. Instead he is afraid, has vilified sex and struggles to control it and get it. When all along it is freely given.

Dear Marilyn, long may you live and thrive on Earth.

Mark Whitwell

PS. Marilyn learned yoga from the great Indra Devi in LA, the first western student of Krishnamacharya. He predicted that it would be women who would uphold yoga and save humanity.

Rare Vintage Photographs of Marilyn Monroe Doing Yoga in 1948

Marilyn Monroe, best known for being a mid-century sex symbol, is rarely thought of as a fitness icon, but during a 1952 interview with LIFE magazine, she revealed that she exercised regularly. Monroe was a devotee of yoga and enjoyed practicing. It was a fact she didn't publicise much and there are few photographic records of her doing yoga. However, in 1948 there were are handful of black and white photos taken by Ed Cronenweth, and a couple there after. Marilyn learned yoga from Indra Devi, who many consider to be the "The First Lady of Yoga":

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