A new, updated version of The Promise

Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, Yoga is not a matter of difficult attainments toward a future result.

Yoga is your direct participation in the nurturing power of this cosmos that is presently arising as the pure intelligence, function and the beauty of life that is you. No matter your age or health or cultural background, you too can experience this power and feel its effects on every aspect of your life. In this little book you’ll learn a simple but profound breathing practice and hear a few stories from others who have learned to get what they really want out of life.


Download The Yoga Promise app as a companion to the book to help you in your daily practice

What is the Promise? 


The Promise is a mutual, interwoven promise between you and Mark Whitwell. Mark can promise you the tangible results of optimal health, love and intimacy if you will promise to practice. It is of course a promise to yourself as well as to Mark, your friends and family. Mark asks that you test it out for yourself and practice “Your Seven Minute Wonder” every day for three months. 

As you become receptive to your breath — the basis of all human function — you become responsive to money, power and collaboration of all sorts.

What is intimacy?

Intimacy is a power that lives and breathes within you. It is not somewhere else. It is not outside you, or beyond you, or out of reach. There is no seeking or searching or struggling required. You already are a living, breathing, perfect expression of life. You don’t need to realize it — you are it! Right here. Right now. 



“And when the brokenhearted people living in the world agree there will be an answer, let it be”

— The Beatles, Let it Be 


What is “Your Seven Minute Wonder”? 

“Your Seven-Minute Wonder” answers the need for intimate connection by opening the body and psyche. It is the practical means that allow you to tangibly realize your ideals and inherent perfection. “Your Seven-Minute Wonder” is a physical practice — a combination of healthful breathing sustained by synchronistic body movement. 

What is the purpose of the Promise practice? 


Its purpose is to be uplifting and totally functional, promoting a dynamic interflow of inhalation (receptivity) with exhalation (strength). This in-and-out breathing cycle activates the deep male-female polarity within each of us, regardless of gender. This practice is effortless and practitioner’s report that it awakens their well-being, vitality, sexuality and self-awareness. 

Who can practice? 

Everyone! Breathing is the basic function of life. This practice has been designed to promote the core principles of yoga practice, beyond any brand or ideal. It bypasses commercial yoga and provides the fundamental components for authentic yoga practice — the means for intimate connection to Life and all its conditions.   

Download The Yoga Promise app as a companion to the book to help you in your daily practice.