Ram Aruveni
Ben Guryon, Israel

Ram has been teaching yoga since 1998. His teaching focuses on the importance of the quality of breath.

Ram says, “Mark has been a tremendous inspiration to me; he is like a father, certainly a friend, and as a teacher.  Yoga is a beautiful way to transform the self into unification.”

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Prana Yoga
Ben Guryon, Belv 79, ISRAEL

Ernessa Bergman

Ernessa was born in NYC in 1960 and have lived in many parts of the world leading her to Israel where she presently resides with her partner and three sons. She has been teaching yoga since 2000, having studied in the US and Germany. She met Mark in 2003 and has been connected to the Yoga of Heart ever since. She teaches Yoga and is inspired daily by her students, their wisdom and difficulties, which are perpetual motivation to continue to teach the wisdom Mark communicates.

Ernessa says, “This yoga, which is available to all of us, which is so accessible, so easy and real is not being taught enough. The message of empowering the individual to embrace the yoga that is there within them, rather then searching outside of themselves, is not a matter of fact. A shift of understanding is needed and friends are needed to support that shift.” She hopes that more and more of her students are teaching what they now practise and that the word is spreading.

Ernessa teaches privately and in yoga studios in Israel.

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Judith Wolman
Tel Aviv, Israel  

Judith discovered Yoga seven years ago while earning her degree in Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Tel-Aviv. Since then, she has practiced Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga. Judith is an Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga teacher and believes in the empowerment of uniting both styles of yoga together.  After having studied Vini Yoga with Ernessa Bergman, student of of Mark Whitwell, Judith started to apply the knowledge of “Heart of Yoga” into our own practice as well as to her students’ practices.

“I believe in the combination of the methods, the accuracy of Iyengar, the flow of Vinyasa with the breath, mantras and softness of Viniyoga as a powerful combination to get to the yoga, the union between body and soul. For me Yoga is not only a way of life, it’s a way of affecting life, mine and those around me”.

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Tel Aviv, ISRAEL