Emma Warmington
Belfast, Northern Ireland


Emma has been embodying the principles of the Heart of Yoga since dissolving into a puddle of tears upon first practicing with Mark Whitwell back in 2010.  A long term traveling yoga teacher and teacher trainer, Emma has shared the Heart of Yoga practice with hundreds of students and teachers from all over the world. 

For Emma, the Heart of Yoga principles were the key to unlocking the true experience of yoga she had always been seeking and they now provide the foundation for all her practice and teachings.

Emma has taught alongside Mark on his teacher training in Fiji and is on a mission to continue spreading the teachings of the Heart of Yoga and to pass along this lineage through her own school, Jivani Yoga.  You can practice with Emma online through Yoga Anytime on The Heart of Yoga - Season 2, train to teach yoga with modular & residential programs around the world, or practice in person at a workshop or retreat. 

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Nemir Adjina
Rome, Italy  

I am of mixed English and Iraqi parentage, brought up in the Uk and Baghdad. I am a trained Architect, though no longer practicing. For many years a spiritual seeker, no more. I work as a massage therapist and Yoga teacher in Rome, Italy. I also teach Nuad Phaen Boran (Traditional Medicine Massage of Thailand) to anyone willing to learn, and I live in loving relationship with my partner and 3 children.

Contact Nemir:
+39 339 123 7179


Susanne Daeppen
Nidau, Switzerland

Susanne is a Heart of Yoga Teacher, Dancer and Choreographer in Switzerland.  She has studied as a dancer and choreographer in Switzerland, New York and Japan and has performed nationally and internationally since 1986 with her solo-  and company-work, Dakini Dance Projects. She is a researching artist and has dedicated herself to Slowmotion through the inspiration of Japanese Butoh-Dance. Susanne has studied with well known teachers Kazuo Ohno in Japan, Eiko&Koma in New York and Anna Sokolow in New York.

In 2004, Susanne won the cultural prize of the city of Biel-Bienne for her artistic way and research of a unique dance-style: a creation out of Yoga and Butoh-dance.  Since then, Susanne has dedicated herself more and more towards Yoga, testing many modern styles.  She was urging to find the origins of yoga in philosophy when she encounted Mark Whitwell and Heart of Yoga.

Since meeting Mark, Susanne felt surrounded and “home” after a long journey: the natural and original way of breathing asanas, that form is made of breath, fits for Susanne with her research in Slowmotion dance and as a Dakini. The Dakini brings the female energy into Yoga. As a mother giving natural birth at home for two daughters, Susanne experienced the power of breath and meeting pain with a welcoming state of being.

In New York, Susanne did her Teacher Training with Mark Whitwell and is now teaching Heart of Yoga throughout Switzerland, Italy and Germany. She is also teaching Slowmotion Workshops and Performances in Northport, Long Island, and, in collaboration with her partner Christoph Lauener, she is on international tour with their meditative performance SILK- a project of Love and Beauty.

Susanne is author of a book about slowing down in life and movement:
“The Art of Slow-Motion – A Dance from Nature to the Soul” ISBN:978-3-905297-23-2

Contact Susanne:
Dakini Dance Space
Egliweg 10, CH-2560, Nidau, Switzerland


Ellen Engel
Buchholz, Germany  

Practical and gentle Hatha Vinyasa Yoga.

Veronika Köberlein
Munich, Germany

Veronika found her way to Yoga through her dance teacher in 2002. First being more of a physical effort it turned into a spiritual search for contentment. After practicing Yoga obsessively for some years with different teachers and schools she realized that Yoga is not an effort to be someone or get somewhere with Mark’s help. Veronika did her Teacher Training with Mark in Fiji and has been traveling with him around Europe and assisting him on his Teacher Training in Japan 2010/11. She is interested in helping people to realize that there is nothing that is missing through teaching them their personal Yoga. Anyone who is interested in learning Yoga that is perfectly fitted for YOU is welcome!

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Anika Leititis
Siegen, Germany  

”The most beautiful thing in life is the ability to love!”

Anika started doing yoga when she was fifteen-years-old. She worked as an actress in a theatre, but always dreamt to teach yoga.  So she traveled to India, did a yoga teacher training in Germany and learned from international yoga teachers. In 2008, she met Mark Whitwell and was very moved by his teachings. His pure asana practise and moving with the breath was a deep experience for her. After this first meeting with Mark, Anika has been a devoted student and friend of Mark’s, always meeting with him whenever he is in Europe.  His loving words bring grace into her practise and teaching.

Anika is the owner of a Kiana Yoga studio in Siegen, Germany, and gives workshops throughout Europe.

Contact Anika:
Kirchweg 47, Siegen, 57072, GERMANY 

Sybille Schlegel
Mainz, Germany

Sybille discovered yoga 2004 in New York. She was deeply fascinated by the ancient wisdom of yoga as well as its positive effects on body, mind, and soul. Intensifying her practice through the years, she absolved the vinyasa teacher training (200 hrs. YA) at Balance Yoga Institute Frankfurt, Germany.

Impressed by Sri T. Krishnamacharya, she began to dive into his teachings. She then met Mark Whitwell, one of Krishnamacharyas disciples, and started to study with him. Mark altered her understanding of vinyasa and asana significantly and declared Sybille a “Heart of Yoga Teacher” in 2012.

Sybille teaches hatha yoga vinyasa style at her school In Mainz and is co-director of the Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training Course in different cities throughout Germany. Sybille, who has a master degree in history, has a strong interest in the yoga shastra (yogic scriptures) and consequently studied Sanskrit and yoga philosophy with Prof. Dr. Meisig at the University of Mainz, to improve her understanding. She teaches yoga philosophy, yogic anatomy, sequencing and Sanskrit in the Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course as well as in workshops throughout Germany and Europe.

Hatha Vinyasa Parampara Yogaschule
Mainz, Germany

Christiane Suckow-Buechler
Berlin, Germany

Christiane Suckow-Büchler joined her first yoga class in 1997. Although her first yoga years were just characterised through a very challenging asana practice it took just a little time to find out that yoga is much more than this – it is an average to perceive the own reality and accept this further on to feel intimate with one self and with life within. Yoga offers an manifold spectrum of methods to discover that and build up intimacy.

Before Yoga she spent many years of her life at the dark side of the moon. In the 1980ies she did everything to bemuse her feelings of being separated and troubled – nothing to be proud of but part of her life. Luckily she found a way to reset and get along from that. When yoga came into her life it supported her a lot to keep up the connection with herself and her surrounding. Yoga teaches her how the mind works and to detect for example which old patterns still keeping her stuck.

In 2005 she travelled to Cologne and there she met Mark for the first time. His teachings touched her heart deeply and so she is happy to join his yearly classes in Berlin since on.

Heart of Yoga let her experience that we are okay as we are. Most of us have forgotten this because we are too struggled with the ideal conceptions society suggests.

Life is a gift and with yoga we celebrate and honor that. Let's share this!

Contact Christiane:
0049 0163 164 37 24


Morgan Palmer Hubbard
Barcelona, Spain  

Morgan originally came to yoga to deal with a profound scoliosis. This experience taught him the importance of learning and practicing according to the needs of our own unique body. Later meeting Mark Whitwell integrated this awareness with a deeper knowledge of the heart of the yoga practice, and it radically transformed both his practice and eventual journey into teaching. His classes are based in the awareness of the breath, finding its integration with the movement, honouring the body and working intelligently without struggling against it.

Contact Morgan:
Yogaroom BarcelonaC/ Casanova 27, 2º2ª, BARCELONA, SPAIN
+34 622 056 775

Mili Lazcano
Madrid, Spain

Mili started practicing yoga while she was going through a deep personal transformation, and yoga was the way of reconnecting with herself while going trough this rebirth.

She started practicing with Mark and took various trainings with him. During a workshop Mark was holding in Mili’s home town Madrid, Mark initiated Mili as a Teacher, letting her lead part of the class and since then she has been teaching regular and private classes.

She continues to explore yoga and dance with teachers as Tom Morley, Gabrielle Roth and Vinn Arjuna Marti amongst others, and has become a certified Esalen massage partitioner as well.

Mili works with  intuition.  Each class is based on the different rhythms of each moment. Encouraging her students that each one of them breathes at different rhythms and therefore they have their own yoga connected to their heart, she guides them to learn how to flow with it.

For Mili, to do yoga is like reuniting with someone you love unconditionally and you haven’s seen in a long time.

Contact Mili:
Shambala Yoga Urbano
Madrid, SPAIN
34 687491948


Domagoj Orlic

Domagoj is a long-term scholar, practitioner and teacher of yoga and tantra. He is a student of Mark Whitwell and translator of his book Yoga of Heart: The Healing Power of Intimate Connection (Yoga srca: Iscjeljujuca snaga prisnosti, 2004). Domagoj also authored two books on yoga in his native Croatian language: an introductory book on yoga entitled The Experience of Yoga: An Introduction to the Philosophy and Practice of Viniyoga (Iskustvo yoge: Uvod u filozofiju i praksu viniyoge, 2001) and a comprehensive study entitled Yoga in the West: The Transforming Power of Yoga in the Interpenetration of World Cultures (Yoga na Zapadu: Transformacijska snaga yoge u preplitanju svjetskih kultura, 2007). Domagoj holds a BA degree in Philosophy and teaches yoga both privately and publicly in his home town. He is also available for teaching in Central Europe.

Domagoj practices and teaches Yoga of Heart as the very heart of yoga, that is he understands yoga as a way of enjoying Life and the deepening of intimacy with oneself, other human being and the Whole of Existence that we utterly are as sensitive, compassionate and spiritual beings with a Heart. Heart is the point of absolute union between man and the world, it is a total interconnectedness of all polarities (ha-tha yoga), and so shri-hrdaya-yoga-tantra is an approach to yoga in which a concerned individual, by surrendering to her own power of receptivity (shri), gets to know her Heart (hrdaya) through practicing the most appropriate yoga for herself, naturally and non-obsessively, as a daily discipline of pleasure (tantra) and a wholehearted participation in the Cosmic Unity that we totally are as an absolute freedom of responsible emotivity and love.

Contact Domagoj:


Ann Wackelin
Skövde, Sweden

Ann was over 50 when she did yoga for the very first time! She is a MediYoga therapist and teacher (a therapeutic form of Kundalini yoga) with a background as a psychiatric nurse.

Ann found Mark in 2012 and through working with him over Skype, her life and yogic path totally changed. She bought his books and videos, watched every single YouTube video with him that she could find, and started to practice at home. In June 2014, she celebrated her 60th birthday by going to Esalen in Big Sur, California to study with Mark in person. This was such a profound experience. His teachings touched her deeply and she felt that this is the way yoga is meant to be.

There is something in this yoga for everyBody and it can be adapted to the person, not the other way around. So no matter your age or size, you can do yoga! As Mark says: if you can breath you can do yoga!

Contact Ann:
Studio LetGo
Varnhemsgatan 16 A, Skövde, SWEDEN