The mind will never capture beauty

We see beauty. A bird in flight, the sunshine on the water. A bee on a flower. Then the mind tries to capture it, savour it, repeat it.

Have you ever noticed that when the mind tries to do this, the sense of beauty goes? 

The mind can never capture beauty or any experience. It is too slow.

The point is YOU are the beauty. The same beauty as the sun, the flower the bird. When we stop trying to experience beauty we relax into what is already true and feel the beauty, the love, the one binding absolute reality that is appearing as you and me and everything.

Just so, in trying to capture the experiences of the spiritual traditions we can never enjoy them. We are already what the sublime words are expressing.

There is no getting to it.

There is no “becoming” a Buddha, no getting “enlightened.” There is only the direct participation in what is always already given. So we can relax and do that.

Mark Whitwell