Bula Fiji!

It is a great honor to share with you the sacred system of yoga, and pass on the knowledge that has been passed through the grace of all the teachers who have walked before us. Yoga is a vast topic and takes some years to understand and a lifetime to master. Taking even one sincere step towards deepening self knowledge is nothing short of transformational and will surely benefit one's life and bring a transformation that profoundly shifts one's way of seeing the world and our purpose in life.

Congratulations on making this commitment to yourself, and ultimately to those with whom you share your life.

The primary intention of the course is to cultivate a deepening in self honor and kindness, so that the you will be able to live and teach from an open heart filled with self-acceptance. Therefore, it is our spiritual and emotional growth that is in the focus.

I deeply respect your efforts and interest to grow and understand more about this most interesting topic and indeed a way of life. Great studentship fosters great teaching, great teaching fosters great studentship. Together, we will look into the Heart of Yoga, as a practice that takes place on and off the mat, truly in all areas of our life, as a way of life.

Our programs manager will be in touch with further information and logistics.  

I look forward to connecting in person.
See you soon.

Love and Blessings,
Mark and the Heart of Yoga Team


  1. "The Heart of Yoga, Developing A Personal Practice" – T.K.V. Desikachar - CLICK HERE TO ORDER
  2. "Yoga of Heart, The Healing Power of Intimate Connection" – Mark Whitwell - CLICK HERE TO ORDER
  3. "The Promise of Love, Sex and Intimacy" – Mark Whitwell - CLICK HERE TO ORDER
  4. "The Promise: You can have what you really want" – Mark Whitwell - CLICK HERE TO ORDER
  5. Heart of Yoga Training Manuals – Please print, read and bring these with you.  You will complete the assessments during the course. These are good to have during the daily classes for reference and note taking.


When you arrive in Fiji, you will receive a Declaration form that you will need to present at Customs.  If your arrival and departure dates mean you are in Fiji for more than 14 days, it is very important that you choose LEISURE PURPOSES, as they will not grant you a permit for educational purposes for more than two weeks.


You can click here for more information about what you are/are not allowed to bring into Fiji: https://www.frcs.org.fj/our-services/customs/visiting-fiji/arriving-in-fiji/


We recommend bringing the following items with you:

  • Printed copies of the Heart of Yoga Training Manuals
  • Your yoga mat
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Flashlight
  • A beach towel
  • A light sweater and light rain jacket may be desired as the rain comes and goes periodically
  • If you like snorkelling, bring your gear
  • Power outlets are 240 Volts AC50Hz with three power points. Solar chargers and adaptors are recommended
  • If you enjoy nuts, trail mix, granola bars, particular teas or any other non-perishable foods, you can usually bring them through Fiji Customs at the airport without any issues, just make sure you declare them on your arrival form (see the abocve link to check the Customs website)


The local currency is Fijian dollars.  There are currency exchanges at the airports in Nadi and Suva. Bring Fijian cash if you want to buy anything from the local craftswomen coming to the Chief’s Meeting Hall, the local market and/or any additional shuttle services you may desire. There is a grocery store that accepts credit cards, and an ATM in town.  These are both a 15-20 minute drive from the ashram, and walking distance from Garden Island Resort.


For those wanting Internet access, please bear in mind it's slow!
Fiji time :)

·      If you must be on your computer, then you can buy a data stick or pocket wifi.  These can range anywhere from about FDJ$70 to FJD$300 without a data plan, which start at an additional FJD$35.

·      If you have an un-locked smart phone, you can purchase a Data SIM card for as low as FJD$35 for 500MB (valid for one week).  If you are coming from the USA, you can “unlock” your phone by simply calling your service provider and telling them you are going overseas and need to use your phone.  It can take a few days to process, but is free and easy to unlock it. 

-       I have used both a pocket wifi and a smart phone data plan.  I find that the Internet on my smart phone is more consistent.  PLUS, the FJD$75 data plan on the smart phone comes with 2GB of data, 45 minutes of international talk time and is valid for one month.

·      Also, Garden Island Resort (a 15-20 minute drive away) and Taveuni Dive Resort (a 5-10 minute walk from the ashram) have high-speed wifi for a fee. Guests of these resorts have wifi incuded for free.


We have a few optional organized events while you are here:

Week 1 - Snorkel/Dive Trip to Somosomo Straight:

Cost for snorkeling is FJ$85 if you go out in a boat with Divers, and FJ$125 if you go with just snorkelers. Price is per person and includes all government taxes, mask, fins, snorkels, wet suits, water, juice, and light snacks on the boat.

We snorkel on the world Famous Rainbow Reef, and normally do 2 different snorkeling sites. A one-hour snorkel, quick surface interval on the boat with snacks, then relocate to our second site, a second snorkel then back in to the marina. The entire experience will take about 4 hours and be offered during a lunch break. This is organised with Taveuni Dive Resort.

Week 2 - Bouma Falls:

½ day: FJ$58 per person  (including park entrance fee)

Tavoro Waterfalls is part of Bouma Heritage Park and is at the top of the list of things to do in Taveuni. The entire experience will take about 4 hours and be offered during a lunch break. To get to the falls, we will take a 1-hour shuttle to the opposite side of the island, and stop in at the Tavoro Visitor Center to pay the entrance fee.

The trail begins from there and starts out with an easy 10-minute walk to the first and most famous waterfall of Fiji, Bouma Falls.  Then the trail continues up a series of switchbacks (this is the hard part but only takes 20mins!) past great views of Qamea and Matagi and Laucala to the second falls. The third falls is an adventure, and probably not do-able on our timeframe.Along the way, we will see many of the birds and life of the Fiji forest some of which can be heard nowhere else in Fiji, and will cool off by swimming in all of the volcanic pools beneath the falls at each level. 

Water Slide: FJ$20

This natural water slide is a local secret!  It’s only a thirty-minute drive and hike from the ashram, and is a fun post-lunch trip that will be scheduled when the weather is nice and the river is at its best level.  You must be adventurous to go down the water slide!  But all can enjoy soaking in the cool, pristine river water and watch the “sliders” from the bottom. The experience will take about 2 hours and be offered during a lunch break.

Taveuni Women’s Empowerment Support Group:

Free to browse & bring money for gifts and souvenirs.

This is a local group of artisans who sell their crafts to an international market with the support of non-profit groups. They are currently focusing on woven yoga mats, reusable shopping bags, yoga mat bags, jewelry and traditional crafts, as well honey, sauces and jams.

We are proud to support our local community and have been honored to see this group grow over the years to become a viable resource for the women of Taveuni.

The group will set up their items in the yoga shala and be open to browse during a lunch break.


  • Garden Island Resort: Address: PO Box 1, Waiyevo, Taveuni, Fiji. Phone: +679-888-0286
  • Amy (coordinator): +679-927-4272

  • Wani (our dear friend and fabulous shuttle driver who will be picking you up at the Taveuni airport!): +679-948-1149