Tomoko Kawahara
Tokyo, Japan

Tomoko teaches Heart of Yoga, Restorative Yoga and English through yoga in and outside Tokyo.  She has been exposed to different cultures since she was a child and believes yoga is the universal language and that we all are entitled to receive its offerings. From her former corporate life, she knows how yoga can be beneficial to ordinary people who lead ordinary life that usually is under some kind of stress. One of her missions is to make yoga available to wider range of people regardless of their age, gender, body type and culture. Tomoko also enjoys sharing her love for yoga through her writing and translating.  

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Yohsuke Ono
Kofu Yamanashi, Japan

Yohsuke was born in Japan on March 9, 1981. He has been learning yoga philosophy since 1981 with his Guru, his Mother, who was a Yoga Teacher before he was born. Yohsuke has been practicing asana and pranayama since 2004, and he has been teaching Yoga since 2007. In 2010, he met Mark Whitwell in Heart of Yoga’s Teacher Training in Japan. In this training, he received Love from Mark, and he knew that he is as he should be. Everything is as it should be. He continues to teach Heart of Yoga in Japan and hopes that everybody in this world experiences intimacy with his body, breath and others.

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Yogastudio Internal
Kofu Yamanashi, JAPAN

Kaori Santosima
Tokyo, Japan  

Kaori is a yoga teacher, an ayurvedic adviser, and a translator. A teacher for 6 years, and practicing for 11 years, she enjoys teaching yoga in a local Japanese community of Tokyo & Kyoto. She met Mark’s teaching in  2008 at Hong Kong Asia Yoga Conference and was touched by its all-embracing, loving nature, and received much nurturing force through applying Heart of Yoga principles to her daily practices. Her class has lots of focus on breath and awareness aiming to bring harmony between two polarities of Life ( Inbreath-Exhale, Receiving and Giving). As not a very flexible nor strong practitioner herself, she is passionate about introducing yoga to those less-physically oriented people as well with kindness and humour.

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Ohanasmile Yoga Studio2-9-4 Yutenji, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN


Ronan Tang (Tang Yijie)
Beijing, China

Ronan is one of the China’s leading teacher trainers. He is highly skilled at leading mixed level ‘inclusive’ classes, interlaced with a wealth of teachings around asana, pranayama, meditation, Chinese traditional medicine, meridian massage, acupuncture, Taichi, Taoism Qi Kung ,ancient and contemporary philosophy; in other words, a rich, educational and balanced yoga experience. Ronan’s very insightful teachings aim to help you cultivate balance and harmony in your life, on and off the yoga mat.

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Joy Yoga
Beijing, CHINA

Olga Smolnikova
Shanghai, China

Originally I am from Russia. Now I live in China where I started my yoga journey. I was trying different styles of yoga and couldn't really find the style which is more suitable for me and not just a gymnastic. After meeting Mark Whitwell something has happened to me some kind of shift inside me. I discovered what real yoga is — it is simple and it works. I feel so great since I started doing my 7-minute practice at home which Mark showed me. Now I am willing to teach people "the heart of yoga" and to pass what Mark has taught me. My next destination is Denmark and after that, back to Russia. I also teach vinyasa/pre/post natal yoga and yoga for active birth. I am a mother of  2-year-old son who started to show his interest in yoga too :) 

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Phone: +86 18621527410



Emma Warmington
Koh Phangan, Thailand


Emma has been embodying the principles of the Heart of Yoga since dissolving into a puddle of tears upon first practicing with Mark Whitwell back in 2010.  

A long term traveling yoga teacher and teacher trainer, Emma has shared the Heart of Yoga practice with hundreds of students and teachers from all over the world.  For Emma, the Heart of Yoga principles were the key to unlocking the true experience of yoga she had always been seeking and they now provide the foundation for all her practice and teachings.

Emma has taught alongside Mark on his teacher training in Fiji and is on a mission to continue spreading the teachings of the Heart of Yoga and to pass along this lineage through her own school, Jivani Yoga. You can practice with Emma online through Yoga Anytime on The Heart of Yoga - Season 2, train to teach yoga with modular & residential programs around the world, or practice in person at a workshop or retreat. 

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