Pure Love Project (CD & DVD)

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Pure Love Project (CD & DVD)


“Transformative.  A sweet and nurturing journey for your body and soul” – Jai Uttal

A collaboration between Mark Whitwell and musician friends Reem and Shanee, blending electronica, global sounds, mantra and meditations, The Pure Love Project is a immersive yoga journey for your heart and soul.

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You Are Here Now

This is a CD/DVD two disc package.  Includes the music, visuals, inspiration, instruction, demonstrating the convergence of music, dance, art, contemporary and ancient Yantra, land, ocean, man, woman, children, yogis, dogs, dolphins, sun, moon, islands and gulls, movement, prana and all things natural and the Nurturing Source supporting us all.

This is a simple argument.  It is easier than easy.  So simple we seldom speak of it and do not grasp it.  But once recognized, it is obvious and we feel the stark reality of our life.

The idea of human imperfection, that is deeply ingrained in the social mind in old scientific and religious thinking, blinds us to the perfection that is already in us, as us, as life itself, as nature “her” self.

We are not separate; we cannot separate from nature, which sustains us in a vast interdependence with everything.  The universe comes perfectly and is awesome in its integration and infinite existence.  It is our natural state.

The mission and passion of all those who contributed to this project is to give the healing powers of yoga to all who recognize the wisdom of our natural state.