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The Heart of Yoga Europe Easter Retreat in Saanen

Saanen, Switzerland, was where UG Krishnamurti spend much of his time, and where the significant event occurred of him “walking out” of the tent of Jiddhu Krishnamurti, realising that there was nothing to be attained and that he was already the power of the cosmos. T.K.V. Desikachar and Iyengar both spent time here in the tents at Saanen, teaching yoga at the great gatherings around J. Krishnamurti. It is a site of great significance to modern yoga.

This 4-day gathering in this auspicious place will honour this history as we investigate yoga, practice, and learn together, nurtured by the sublime Swiss mountains.

In collaboration with Susanne Däppen and Stephanie Iseli.

450 CHF for entire weekend. (does not include food or accommodation)

799 CHF All inclusive of accommodation and food.

Help available finding good places to stay.

To register interest please email